Audi Berlinale Lounge
Audi Schladming
VW Polo
Olympic Expo 2008
Audi RS 3
Audi Erlebniswelt München 2012
Party Rent Group
Audi IAA Matrix
Audi quattro Ramp
VW Service Forum 2012
Telekom Mobilfunkmesse 2015

BRAND WORLDS — PLANWERKSTATT has emerged in the past two decades as one of the most sought-after and respected specialist service provider for temporary brand architecture.

We realise brand worlds that imprint itself in the memory — world of experience for events, stage designs, temporary buildings. The occasions could be as varied as the life itself. Product launches, conventions, congresses, jubilees, trade fair appearance.

Special projects in the automobile sector have taken us around the world. In this very special sector PLANWERKSTATT could gather experience worldwide and develop itself to an internationally recognized specialist service provider. Our ideas and impulses have made many events to memorable happenings.